Vakantiewoning Ruigenhoek

Activities nearby

At Nederzandt and The Strand near the beach of Langevelderslag you may find numerous outdoor activities. At Nederzandt, it is possible to arrange transportation from and to your holiday accommodation. You could learn how to surf at Surf & Bike.

At the golf court Tespelduyn you will find a 9-holes golf court at 2 kilometres. They also offer golf clinics.

How about a beautiful outdoors trip with a horse and carriage through the beautiful Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen? The guide will show you the most beautiful spots. About 2,5 kilometres of your holiday residence.

A Solex trip through the lovely Bollenstreek is one of the possibilities. You may find a rental service in the Ruigenhoek. Rent bikes? At Van Dam or Mooijekind you will find great service. Bicycles are brought and picked up. Especially in spring we can recommend a trip through the De Bollenstreek.

There are also a lot of “home-activities”. How about a wine tasting by Bollenstreekwijnen? Or prepare dinner together. Chef Bart gladly helps you with this or … he cooks for you. Or … organize your own wellness day with wood sauna and invite the masseuse to your place.

vakantiewoning aan zee in zuid-holland
vakantiewoning aan zee in zuid-holland
vakantiewoning aan zee in zuid-holland